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  • alex deve

    alex deve

    Entrepreneur & husband. CEO & Founder @ Whitetruffle, the eHarmony for talent. Easier to recruit & find a job. Love start-ups, technology, sports & food.

  • Lauren Thomas

    Lauren Thomas

    Social media strategist for billion dollar brands. Speaker. Straight Talker. Snack Lover. She/Her | Twitter/IG: @HelloLT

  • Lori White

    Lori White

    Marketing Director for GetPaloma.com. Writer / director / Video Person at large.

  • Mike Pinkerton

    Mike Pinkerton

    COO/General Counsel of Metaverse Mod Squad: managed digital engagement services for social, gaming, and enterprise.

  • Worldreader


    We're a global non-profit on a mission to bring digital books to every child and her family, so that they can improve their lives.

  • Sherri


    Feisty, fiery, ferocious. Fearsome appetite. Mama to teens + tweens + preschoolers+ toddlers + Most Perfect Baby Ever. Artist. Writer. Dreamer.

  • Chris McConnell

    Chris McConnell

    Digital native teaching clients to speak Internet. Love running, bourbon, chukkas, Glaser and Tufte. The finest purveyor of pixels on the Internet.

  • Allitron


    My interests start with M.

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